Does it work?

I started to eat ¼ of my daily caloric intake on Tue & Thu (yes, twice a week).

But next week-when the enthusiasm calmed down - I started to feel cravings. Aha... So it’s not going to be so easy! What if I suppress hunger with fiber rich foods?

I used regular bottles of 100%FOOD and it worked. One thing, though, I had to split one bottle into 3 intakes at 200 calories each. Later on I started to make smoothies based on 100%FOOD powder from the bag and calorie restriction days turned into a simple routine.

What do I eat on the regular days? On late hours of every Tue and Thu - my Green days - I often thought about big juicy hamburger, omelette or portion of ribs to have tomorrow. But strangely enough, the next morning came and I did not want to eat so much. I would even skip breakfast altogether. Till next time, my 6 egg omelette! During lunch the appetite spiked, as it was expected, but so did self-control over WHAT I’m eating.

I also noticed that I needed a new hole in my belt and new shorts after first week (no joking). And I even fit into my old beloved KEEN pants, which was a jewel of my achievements. During week 3 my weight stabilized and did not change since then. On week 6 I started to praise this fact even more than the weight loss itself. Because everyone who tried a diet knows that the weight comes back quickly after you stop and go back to old habits, which according to research most people do.

My results encouraged Anastasia (100%FOOD chief mixologist) to start her own experiment. Change in diet and mindfulness eating brought a very surprising result: by the end of week 2 Anastasia pulled all her resources together (i.e.: stopped crying about the hardships of “green days”), finished all her projects, and flew to Israel for vacation. What can I say? #GoEvergreen

Upon arrival, still in Zen state of mind, Anastasia told me that this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for Autophagy. Encouraged by this fact, we decided to automate our Evergreen Sequoia service (Everseq) and roll it out into the masses.


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