Evergreen Effect - what is it?!

I’ve always been curious, why sequoias evergreen?

Why do they not shed leaves like other trees?

Why do they live longer, up to 3,500 years?

Science is what we found

Unlike deciduous trees Sequoia replaces leaves gradually. We can emulate similar approach using fasting. When the food reserves run out, the cell goes into maintenance mode. It starts the process of autophagy: the old and damaged proteins are processed, and the cell is released from the garbage accumulated in the process of life.

Food in stomach needs 12 hours for digestion. That means we can use short, one-day fasting for complete maintenance. For the full effect you need to fast once or twice a week. With the clear finish line - tomorrow you can eat whatever you want - such approach makes it easy to follow.

As sequoias age, they become so tall that osmotic pressure and a system of branching capillarity are not sufficient for water delivery to the top. capillarity are not sufficient for water delivery to the top. How did mother nature respond to this challenge?- It invented air roots that can capture water from the fog.

When we, humans, age, our metabolism slows down, we start helping our body with supplements, pills, and making regular trips to pharmacy. Recent study at Jackson Lab, Sacramento, CA led by A.Ryazanov, et. al helped to classify detoxifying substances into two classes: chelating agents (help to capture toxins) and xenobiotics (help our body to produce detoxifying agents). According to the study - best chelator is Citric Acid, while the best xenobiotic is Inulin.

The removed junk protein should be replenished. The adult person needs 200 g of old proteins to be replaced per day. Ribosome is responsible for the production of a protein in the cells. The amount of new protein depends on the number of ribosomes formed in the cells. Magnesium is the key element of ribosomes. So we either need to eat more protein or supplement your diet with Magnesium.

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